THE NATIVITY—The ChiRho (χρ) is used to identify Christ (Χριστος). To bring out the humble birth, the crib with burst effect as an indication of His Divinity is used. The star is a sign to all Nations and suggests the Epiphany.

THE BOY CHRIST—is shown about His Father’s Business. He astonished all who heard Him with His amazing discourse. While the lamp is suggestive of the temple, it is used to indicate the Wisdom of Christ.

BAPTISM—The descending dove with shell and water is the life of the Spirit in re birth. The shell also suggests John the Baptist and the dove is that which descended at the time of our Lord’s Baptism. The fish is the ancient symbol for Christians (without this water we are not alive). This refers to the fishers of men, that all may be baptized in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Hoiy Spirit.Type your paragraph here.

Cove Presbyterian Church's Faceted Glass Windows

Beginning at the rear of the nave, the faceted-glass windows progressively portray the life and ministry of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

THE LORD’S SUPPER—Is as the cup divided among us. Judas, the betrayer, is shown by the cup overturned. The wheat is the bread of life, for “This Is My Body” and the grapes are the new testament of the Blood of Christ, which is shed for us.

THE CRUCIFIXION — Christ dies that we may live. The King of the Jews goes to prepare a place for His Chosen ones, Here we have the greatest expression of love.

THE RESURRECTION—is told with the bursting pomegranate and the Easter lilies. The lilies also suggest the wounds of hands, feet and side . . . now in glorious victory over death. The stars suggest the Apostles, receiving the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (the flames in form of a dove). They are witnesses of Christ in the labors of the Church.

THE FIRST PUBLIC MIRACLE—of Our Lord and an introduction to His public life. The Miracle of Cana, when the water pots blush and the water becomes wine.

SERMON ON THE MOUNT—The lesson of life and the rules of happiness are given here. Again Christ speaks that we may share His joy (crocus) in following His examples, the Beatitudes.

BLESSING CHILDREN—In choosing children as an example that we may come to Him, He blesses the children for as such is the Kingdom of Heaven (crown), that we may ever strive to keep the innocence (symbolized by the daisy) of children.
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